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Introduction: VMware PowerCLI Training Program covers one of the most demanded skills in the cloud industry. System admins and Dev Ops engineers are expected to push their limits and have hands-on automation. After having 15+ years of experience in cloud domain and training 5000+ IT professionals, we at vCloudXperts have decided to take a step forward to cope up with upcoming trends in Cloud industry. After months of rigorous brainstorming and interviewing a number of VMware IT administrators across verticals, we have come up with a custom-tailored program which introduces you with VMware PowerCLI and makes you fit to play up with all the nuts and bolts of VMware vSphere from VMware PowerCLI. More than 50 percent of SMEs have switched to cloud and VMware occupies 70+ percent of virtualization market share. Gone are the days when VMware admins were supposed to manage a small number of data centres and related vSphere operations. When workload scales up, we always put our computers to work, may it be creating 50 clusters with a specification or may it be reverting snapshots of all the nested hosts, you just need to write few lines of computer code, which we call PowerCLI script and rest it takes care of itself.

Course Curriculum:

Track A: Along with VCP-DCV training.

In this track, you will be trained for VMware vSphere at a professional level, with instructor-led hands-on labs designed by VMware. Along with performing Lab exercises which will familiarize you with vSphere environment, you will be also taught PowerCLI scripting to automate same tasks by writing beautiful PowerCLI scripts.

The course plan for PowerCLI scripting is as follows:

1.     Introduction to scripting.

2.     Basics of Shell, different types of shell.

3.     Basics of scripting: Functions and loops.

4.     Introduction to VMware PowerCLI.

5.     Installation of VMware PowerCLI and steps to access it via Windows Power Shell.

6.     Hello World of Power CLI: Connecting and accessing vCenter Server objects via command line interface.

7.     A script for VM level operations: Creating a VM, taking a snapshot of a VM, reverting to a snapshot of a VM, destroying a VM.

8.     Scale Scripting: Executing VM level operations for n number of VMs.

9.     Creating Folders in VMware vCenter Appliance.

10.  Adding vCenter entities to folders.

11.  Scale Scripting for 8 and 9

12.  Creating standard switches and port groups.

13.  Attaching VM/s to port group/s.