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Join our Advanced 
VMware vSphere 6 | 6.5 Course with SRM & vSAN
for System Admins, Desktop Support Engg,Networking Engg & job seekers (Become VMware Certified Professional)
What you'll learn?
The only Advanced VMware vSphere 6 | 6.5 training program in where you get in-depth knowledge of VCP6|6.5, Site Recovery Manager for Disaster Recovery and Virtual SAN with practical hands-on exposure 
  • Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Learn core concepts of virtualization and Software Defined Datacenter.
  • Bare Metal and Hosted Hypervisors: Learn Portable Unix Based Operating System also known as Hypervisor (types, installation requirements)
  • Compare VMware ESXi, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Xen and Linux KVM: Learn features of different hypervisors used for Datacenter Virtualization
  • Installing ESXi on Baremetal Server: Create esxi bootable flash drive to install esxi and understand boot from san.
  • Configuring ESXi using DCUI: Access Direct Console User Interface to configure management network and to enable shell, ssh.
  • Installing vSphere client: Download and install vSphere Client to access esxi server. Also learn Host Client and Web Client
  • Virtual Machine Management: Creating Virtual machine, install Guest OS and VMware Tools. Understanding Virtual Machine
  • PSC Platform Service Controller and vCenter Server HA Mode: Install, Configure and Manage PSC & vCenter Server Windows Based and Linux Appliance UI and CLI Based.
  • Navigating vSphere Client, Host Client and Web client: Learn to use effectively vmware client to access and manage vmware vsphere environment.
  • Software Defined Datacenter-SDDC: Create Datacenter, Add esxi server / esxi host to Datacenter. Licensing esxi and vcenter server.
  • NTP Settings, Domain authentication, DNS and Routing: Configure NTP Settings, DNS and Routing, Domain Authentication for esxi server / esxi host and vCenter Server.
  • Virtual Networking: Learn Standard Switch, Distributed Switch, Nic Teaming, VLan Trunking, CDP/LLDP, Security, Traffic Shaping and Load Balancing
  • Storage: FC | FCoE | Iscsi | NFS/NAS | DAS | vSAN: Understanding Storage concepts, VMFS & NFS Datastore, Datastore Cluster, zoning, lun masking and storage multipathing
  • VMware vSphere Features: Understanding Boot from SAN, vMotion, High Availability, DRS and Raw Device Mapping 
  • Virtual Machine Backup and Data Recovery: Learn to backup vm’s using VADP (VMware Advanced Data Protection)
  • Templates, Clone, Snapshots & vApp: Using Template and Cloning for deploying new vm’s, taking snapshots and using vApp
  • VMware vSphere Migration:  (vMotion, Storage vMotion & Cross Host vMotion)Understand Cold migration, suspended migration , vMotion, Storage vMotion, Cross Host vMotion
  • Resource Pools management: Understanding root resource pool, resource pools, child resource pool with expandable reservation and shares. 
  • Clustering: ESXi Clusters and Datastore Clusters - Configuring esxi and datastore clusters for HA, DRS, EVC, VSAN  
  • Resource Monitoring & Alarms: Learn resource monitoring using vCenter Server Performance Charts and vRealize Operations Manager 
  • High Availability Cluster: Configuring High Availability to protect against vm failure, host failure, application failure, network partition and network isolation. 
  • DRS Cluster: Configuring DRS Distributed Resource Scheduler for Initial Placement, Load Balancing, Configuring DRS Rules: Affinity, Anti Affinity & DRS Groups 
  • Fault Tolerance: Understanding Fault Tolerance for multi threaded virtual machines. Fault Tolerance logging, vLockStep Technology 
  • vSphere Update Manager: Using VUM for patching and upgrading esxi host, virtual machine hardware version, vmware tools and vmware applianc
  • vSphere Site Recovery Manager: Configuring and Managing DR Site 
  •  vSAN: Configuring Virtual SAN and testing Policies.